1. cinnamon bun cupcakes and chocolate chip cheesecake brownies #vegan and #glutenfree at #grindcorehouse yo (at Grindcore House)

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    These awesome science and math inspired cutting boards can be found at Elysium Woodworks!

    these are beautiful

    Please please pleeeeaaase

    These cutting boards are amazing I know this because I have one thatnks to the sweetest babe around and I recommend them to everyone anywhere

  4. "The one downfall of CrossFit is that your muscles are literally unable to grow stronger unless you post about your workout on Facebook"

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    i laughed at this and its funny for real but i also want to take a minute to say that the truth is that people who do crossfit do tend to post about it on social media yes, the other truth is that why is everyone hating on everyone who wants to share their successes and be proud of themselves for achieving something that they have been working hard at? haters gonna hate or whatever but what would be really cool would be if we could just all be happy for each others achievements

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  5. rose water pistachio cupcakes and chocolate chip cheesecake brownies at #grindcorehouse, #vegan and #glutenfree ! (at Grindcore House)

  6. oh look it’s me

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  7. so good, I already want to re read the watchmen

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  8. #vegan and #glutenfree brownie cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting and chocolate chip cheesecake brownies at #grindcorehouse! (at Grindcore House)


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    Reconnecting with parts of myself that I almost forgot existed. This is the best feeling. Also, I love my babe caturdayevryday

    so sappy but so what i love my babe ^_^
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    Lucky Charms

    Do want

    are you fuckin kidding me
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    A three-day old abandoned female sea otter pup is rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “Saving Otter 501” airs on NATURE on PBS on Wednesday, Oct 16: http://youtu.be/x-3ECtObdH0


    I repeat, AAAAHHHH.

    Can’t deal with this

    i die

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    Wow meb

    yes please!!!!!!!

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